The Best Jewelry from Ceramics

The ceramics is a popular material not only for production of bathroom equipment, but also the best jewelry. Today among all jeweler materials the ceramics is at the peak of the popularity, and all thanks to that this material is quite unusual and possesses the best characteristics for production of jewelry. It is possible to meet jewelry from ceramics not only at private masters, but also in collections of world brands. One more reason why jewelry from ceramics is so popular, disappears in their hypoallergenic. Besides, ceramic jewelry can be always added with diamonds, gold, silver and popular jewels. We will consider some known jewelry from ceramics from the best jeweler Houses of the world.

Stellar sky of Chanel.

The combination from black ceramics, diamonds and white gold inspired masters of the French firm Chanel on creation of a ring in the form of the black sky. This ring incredibly stylishly looks.

Necklace from ceramics from Louis Vuitton.

To combine ceramics and disgraces? Earlier this idea didn’t come to mind to anybody until experts from Louis Vuitton undertook it. The necklace from diamonds became result of fruitful work, having weeded, blue ceramics and white gold of the highest test.

Ring from white ceramics «Lotus» from De Beers.

The flower of a lotus is gentle and fine, especially, if it is executed from white ceramics, diamonds and pink gold. Such ring jewelers of De Beers for the most expensive, in every sense this word created, buyers.

Ring with a cream pearl from James de Givenchy Taffin.

Known jewelry the master James Taffin decided to experiment a little, but having begun, couldn’t stop any more. The refined masterpiece – a vanguard ring from red and white ceramics, pink gold and the cream pearl which is pleasantly decorating jewel became result of experiments.

Snakes from the Italian masters of Damiani.

Charming set from a bracelet and the ring created from pink gold and black ceramics – work of Italians of Damiani. The pottery which received the name Eden is perfectly combined with gloss of precious metal. The real jewelry for special people.

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