Diamond Earrings — How wear diamond jewelry

Jewelry by right reckon with diamonds as the best of the best in the world. Most of women can dream of possessing, for example, couple of earrings with the sparkling diamonds only. If you were lucky and your collection of jewelry was replenished with diamond earrings, you have to know how it is correct to carry them and with what to combine.

Types diamond earrings

Before solving with what to wear diamond earrings, you have to decide on their size and a form. Diamond earrings in the form of tacks are considered the most popular. This type of earrings looks very stylishly and at the same time simply and classically.

Also hanging down diamond earrings aren’t less popular. They gracefully hang down from an ear, whether it be an ear ring in the form of a chain or other form. Diamond earrings in the form of ringlets are also in demand. They look is more modern, than the previous two look.

How to wear diamond earrings

In days of old diamonds were put on only on especially solemn occasions. Today rules of carrying diamonds changed a little and became not such strict, as earlier. Today you can wear jewelry with diamonds though every day. So, diamond earrings stopped being something festive for a long time. You can safely carry them for work, on vacation and so on.

    • If to speak about with what other jewelry it is possible to wear diamond earrings, that main thing that there was no mixture of too large amount of colors and shades. The main principle which needs to be followed when wearing diamond jewelry is a simplicity. If you put on diamond earrings, give them the chance to shine and be the center of attention. Let all other jewelry will be as it is possible more simply.


    • For example, under earrings with diamonds it is possible even to put on silver jewelry. It will look very safely and is modern. If you combine diamonds with jewelry where there are other jewels, don’t overdo. Otherwise, against diamonds these stones will look too cheap and simply.


    • If you wear earrings with diamonds, have to think of a hairdress also. Everything depends on the aim which you pursue. If you want to show all the jewelry, collect hair back or lay them upward. But if you wear diamond earrings not to draw attention, you can not worry about a hairdress. It can be any.


    • If you want to emphasize gloss and shine of the earrings with diamonds, it is better to pick up to them clothes in black tones. It will draw attention to gloss of expensive stones and will be excellent contrast to them. Besides, it is possible to put on a top with V-shaped cut and to show a little open skin.

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