Diamond Necklace on a million

Women love diamonds therefore let and in imaginations, but often represent themselves in unusually beautiful and, undoubtedly, expensive jewelry. We offer the review of the most expensive diamond necklaces in the world which are considered not as simply beautiful accessory, but a symbol of luxury and the status.

1. Heart of the Kingdom Ruby necklace, $14 million

The necklace from the known jeweler company Garrard looks surprisingly. It is made of 150 diamonds from which it is distinguished with a one weight of 41 carat.

2. A diamond necklace from Neil Lane, $4 million

The surprising necklace consisting of 140 diamonds of a pear-shaped and tear-shaped form.

3. The Marie Antoinette necklace from De Beers, $3,7 million

The necklace consists of diamonds weighing 181 carat. The weight of the biggest white diamond the 8th carat, pink – 1,8karata, two yellow – 5,2 and the 7th carat.

4. Ocean Heart necklace, $3,5 million

The necklace, certainly, is considered one of the most recognizable jewelry in the world. It is exact imitation of the ornament participating in shooting «Titanic» in 1943. The jeweler of Harry Winston created it, having used blue diamond weighing 15 carat. Besides it is the most expensive accessory which was put on a ceremony of delivery of the Oscar. It should be noted, what even necklace remarks at auctions are on sale on 3,5 million dollars.

5. A necklace from diamonds and emeralds of «Haute Joaillerie» from Chopard, $3 million

For creation of a necklace the Colombian emeralds weighing 191 carat and diamonds weighing 16 carat were used.

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