Diamond Platinum Rings — durability stone

Ideal ornament as a symbol of the perfect relations is a ring from platinum. In skilled hands of the jeweler precious white metal opens the majestic beauty. Its pure white color doesn’t grow dim over time, it isn’t subject to any corrosion, and its durability is pledge of long life of ornament. The quiet shine of platinum emphasizes bright fire of the diamond inserted into a frame. Qualitative diamond of a round facet opens the sparkling at full capacity. Light it is dazzling flashes in its sides. Such compound of platinum and diamond symbolically: the strongest metal and the firmest stone. It not only allows to admire infinitely beauty of ornament, but also gives to hope that deep and eternal feelings still live in our changeable world.

Ring with diamond in a platinum frame

Jewelry of platinum won hearts of judges of beauty, thanks to excellent qualities of this precious metal again. Laconicism and grace of a ring from platinum excellently emphasizes clear white color of metal. It is perfectly pure, its shine is silent and harmonious. In jewelry high-quality metal which never causes any allergic changes on skin is used.

The platinum combination to diamond is a classics of modern jeweler art. The sparkling of transparent diamond in an easy, open frame gives to a ring a magnificent view. The round facet of a stone perfectly opens its gloss. This wonderful gift will make indelible impression on your darling.

0.40 Carat Diamond Platinum Ring

Refined elegance of this ornament is created by a harmonious combination of diamond and a frame from platinum. Platinum submits judges of jewelry aristocratic gloss and a pure color which remains invariable. Such qualities of precious metal as durability and chemical inertness serve as guarantee of longevity of ornament. The quiet shine of platinum emphasizes a colourful sparkling of diamond. The easy clip holds a stone, opening for light its different parties. Thanks to it, and also a round facet, white transparent diamond turns into a bright clot of light. Light vibrates in a stone, plays and is poured. The durability and durability of a stone and metal reflects firmness of feelings which symbol this ornament is for this purpose who gets it.

0.50 Carat Diamond Platinum Ring

On a white platinum hoop of a ring the easy clip holds scintillating diamond. It is facetted by a round form which opens all depth of the sparkling magnificence. At this facet the stone can reflect in itself light which gets into it, forming a sparkling. The sparkling of diamond is the main characteristic which determines stone value. The frame from platinum also allows diamond to reveal the brightness as doesn’t eclipse it and doesn’t change color scale of ornament. Platinum is appreciated durability and reliability. It doesn’t lose the gloss and purity of color over time. Such ornament will adequately submit the high status of that who will possess it.

0.60 Carat Diamond Platinum Ring

Bright diamond and the muffled shine of platinum is a harmonious connection in a ring carries deep symbolical meaning. Diamond – the firmest stone, a round facet increases its value. It allows to open essence of diamond – the more light gets in a stone, the more it will sparkle: but only, if the facet is made ideally. The platinum frame stylishly emphasizes advantages of a stone and gives to ornament aristocratic luxury. The combination of two finest elements – metal and a stone, attracts a look and serves as a symbol of durability and durability of the relations.

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