Diamond side of wedding rings — drawings on rings

To a choice of wedding rings, lovers regard with awe. And has to be, after all this wedding gift remains until in the hearts of young there lives the love. It causes desire to have the special rings which don’t have analogs.

Earlier wedding rings looked very simply, without any additions and graces: the usual smooth, faultlessly ground gold ringlets. However somewhere in the Middle Ages in Europe the first wedding rings with drawings and an engraving began to appear.

In a pursuit of fashion on wedding rings

Modern orders of the day found the reflection and in jeweler design. In spite of the fact that each person has the taste and style addictions, the range of jeweler salons and shops is so various that is capable to satisfy the even most perverted wishes of buyers. Someone likes strict classical forms, and someone prefers courageous patterns. Generally, the choice is boundless, as well as the imagination of designers.

In the last some years, newlyweds especially carefully approach a choice of rings on a wedding. The preference is given to refined variations of wedding rings cardinally different from strict forms and executed in unique style and with different jewelry.

Diamond side of wedding rings

Today wedding rings with jewels and stylish drawings enjoy the greatest popularity. Original ornaments on wedding gold are executed in diamond processing and look very effectively and attractively. This processing allows to combine availability of jewelry and the magnificent view creating illusion of existence on a gold product of diamonds. Gold rings with a diamond side enjoy popularity not only among newlyweds, but also among women, not indifferent to beauty of jeweler art.

Feature of diamond processing

Speaking a vernacular, the technology of drawing a pattern in the form of a notch on a ring is called «a diamond side». Performance of this equipment requires the special equipment. Uniqueness of diamond processing that it adds to a product unique gloss and shine.

As a rule, the diamond side is applied on flat rings. However not all gold can serve as initial material. The best option – test gold 750 or 585. As for gold of higher tests, it isn’t suitable for such processing as because of softness of material there can be cracks and notches eventually are erased.

Last word in fashion – the rings made of red and white gold with a diamond side. Unfortunately, the design of such rings not always coincides at the groom and the bride, however the community of style is traced anyway.
Wedding rings

Patterns in sides

For some couples existence of symbolical patterns and drawings – the main criterion at a choice of wedding rings. Subsequently, the children can descend such rings.

To order an engraving in the form of an inscription or drawing you can in salon where you buy rings. There will provide you the catalog with possible options of patterns. In case the shop doesn’t provide service of this sort, address in a jeweler workshop. It, perhaps, the most convenient option which, however, can demand considerable expenses.

Before you give rings for drawing drawing, be convinced that rings are picked up precisely for the size, differently then they can’t be squeezed or stretched. The special attention should be paid to value of drawing. Choosing drawing, you remember that it will symbolize your matrimonial life for long years.

Options of drawings

Directly pattern executed on a smooth surface of a ring can be various. It can be points, asterisks, lines and even prints of your fingers.

Moreover, in the form of drawing for your wedding ring you can choose heart or that in your opinion, will symbolize strong feelings, long and happy family life. As rather widespread drawing for wedding rings fingerprints serve: on a female ring – man’s, on a man’s ring – female.

Besides, at rings with a diamond side vegetable and geometrical patterns prevail. Most often such rings are made of different gold. Forms and types of gold rings with a diamond side simply excite imagination.

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