Diamond White Gold Rings — bright sparkling stone

Diamond Rings with bright the sparkling stone

Ideally transparent diamond is inserted into a thin, graceful frame. Such combination of metal and a stone forms harmonious composition which as well as possible will be suitable for a solemn occasion or a joyful event, for example – anniversary. Sides of round diamond ideally refract light beams and, despite the small sizes, the stone exhales a powerful play of light. A laconic clip passing light stream, allows to admire the sparkling stone. White gold 750 of test favourably shades and emphasizes beauty of diamond.

0.40 Carat Diamond White Gold Rings

This ring will become an unforgettable gift which will keep in itself for many years fine moments of high feelings. Diamond of the average sizes is kept by an open clip in a frame from white gold. Diamonds gracefully cover the sparkling stone surface. The round facet gave to a stone the perfect form: light as if lives in is mute, being poured and playing. The yellow gold 750 of test used for a frame, won’t change the qualities eventually. Traditional character of style of a ring will allow to combine it with other jewelry without effort further. Such ring – not only successful acquisition, but also a symbolical prediction of the long, happy relations.

0.50 Carat Diamond White Gold Rings

Transparent and pure as mountain air diamond and white gold into which it is inserted, symbolize your feelings remaining invariable in this changeable world. A bright sparkling of a stone of a round facet support a stone which is raised over a ring. Light gets into it from all directions, plays in sides, transferring excitement of your heart to the darling. White gold of a frame shades this play of light. This metal can remain many years all same fine. Anything superfluous: diamond and white gold – only you and your feelings in your hearts.

0.60 Carat Diamond White Gold Rings

The look is bewitched by silent shine of white gold and lights up from flashes of light in diamond sides. The thin hoop of a ring will cling to skin of your darling, warmth of her hand will warm it. Perhaps, from this touch diamond will begin to shine even more brightly. The round facet of a stone will catch sunshine, and they will begin to live in stone depth, fading, flashing in a step of her heart. Such facet most fully opens beauty of diamond, allows to take pleasure in its charm. Four pads support a stone – it it is possible to examine, estimate, admire a play of light.

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