Engagement ring with blue sapphires

Attracting interest of people around with the rich and bright shine, engagement ring with blue sapphire are pleasing to the eye. Sapphire – really royal stone which will bring you the power and force. Blue sapphires perfectly look in a facet from white gold. engagement ring with blue sapphire are recommended to be carried to quick-tempered and impatient people as it is considered that the stone calms and helps to constrain strong emotions. All gold rings with blue sapphires have special charm which consists of aura of precious materials and talented work of jewelers.

Blue sapphire is a kind of corundum, a valuable stone of different nuances, generally blue color. Possesses the big hardness and gloss. Deposits of sapphire are available in India, Australia, the USA, Sri Lanka, China. The name of blue sapphire comes from the Greek word «sapfeiros» – a blue stone. According to other version, the name sapphire results from Babylon to «sipr» that in translation means «scratching». By the way, till the XIX century the majority of stones of blue color called sapphires, for example, lazurite. The shade and intensity of color of sapphire depends on a find place.

Engagement ring with blue sapphires become more and more popular every year. And there is no wonder, after all sapphires are one of the most shining jewels. Besides, they have some various color shades thanks to what each bride can pick up for herself a ring which will be ideally suited to her type of appearance.

Among jewels for modern engagement ring, blue sapphire takes the second place after diamond. Besides unusual beauty and durability, sapphire is popular and thanks to the positive symbolics. It symbolizes fidelity, chastity and spirituality. For this reason blue sapphire enjoy popularity as jewels for engagement ring.

On a horoscope blue sapphire most of all suit Scales, Tauruses, Maidens and Sagittariuses. Also it is considered that blue sapphire is a stone charm for the people born in April and September.

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