Engagement Rings — review of the best design

Fashionable houses in luxury range even more often become the first of places where it is necessary to follow design rings for engagement. Even the insignificant mention of such names as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel with guarantee will force hearts to fight more often. Traditionally these heavyweights of haute couture from the London Bond Street not were an obvious choice for future brides, but they continuously broadcast the image of what have to be high jewelry including rings for engagement. The created 17 years ago, jeweler division of Dior prospered under the inventive guide of the creative director Viktuar Kastellan, whose inspiration was derived from everywhere: beginning with flower and natural motives of magic fairy tales and finishing with pop culture.

Engagement ring of Dior Rose.

The The Rose Dior Bagatelle collection renders a tribute to a favourite flower of the founder Dom to Christian Dior, its romantic jewelry is inspired by the tremendous pink garden Park de Bagatel in Paris. And here, usual engagement rings with diamonds don’t seem more attractive than rings from Dior made of white gold and decorated with a skillful flower of a rose with impregnations of white diamonds any more. Such rings will be excellently combined with wedding rings of Bois de Rose in which womanly interpretation of your finger of a pink stalk which is elegantly wrapped up around is offered.

Dior ring from white gold with diamonds.

Dior ring from white gold with diamonds If you like color stones, pay attention to engagement rings of Dior from yellow gold with a graceful rose from blue chalcedonies which can also go together with wedding rings of Bois de Rose.

Christian Dior — a engagement ring with blue chalcedony.

Christian Dior — a engagement ring with blue Chanel chalcedony continues to develop distinctive style from Gabrielle Chanel in the high jeweler collections. They have a classical, modern design, which always trés chic – chic. Always the actual combination black and white, being an integral part of a corporate style of Koko, inspired designers on creation of the Ultra collection in which the monochrome palette is combined with a luster of hi-tech ceramics. Combine engagement rings of Chanel with the central diamond on the white or black ceramic basis with similar wedding, or combine two colors for the monochrome effect attracting views. Beautiful and glamourous, it is only deceptive simple, these design rings for engagement have a style raid vanguard which reflects spirit of an unrestrained icon of style.

Engagement ring of CHANELL from white ceramics and diamonds.

15 years Later after the first emergence high collections of Louis Vuitton jewelry passed the engagement ring of CHANELL from white ceramics and diamonds a way at most to force. The Parisian house it is thin weaves a distinctive corporate style in jewels of distinguished elegance which never looks defiantly. Rings, ideal for modern brides who are eager for pure, minimalist design, for engagement of Louis Vuitton Empreinte are decorated with simple round patterns which were inspired by the seals on nails of legendary trunks of Maisons du Monde. For faultlessly coordinated look combine these engagement rings and wedding rings decorated with diamonds for It and for It from the collection of the same name.

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