Engagement Rings with a Fingerprint

Engagement Ring – obligatory attribute of any engagement. What it will be? Everyone solves for himself. Of course, traditionally, engagement rings — from gold, smooth and simple. But time doesn’t stand still, and traditions change: here already and bride’s dress not white, and holding engagement not traditional, and engagement rings… combined, with stones, from different precious metals, with improbable curls and patterns, or at least rings with an engraving. And it already seems to you banal?

Then pay attention to very original execution of engagement rings — a engagement ring with a fingerprint of darling. Unusually, interestingly and it is precisely unique! After all, as we know, fingerprints are unique. You more at anybody won’t meet similar «decoration» of a ring owing to that skin drawing on a finger is unique and that is also important — is constant and invariable.

Engagement Ring with a fingerprint — a unique accessory, with the engraving repeating a fingerprint of darling — the surprising opportunity allowing even to touch at distance the half.

Producers of these «nominal» rings with a fingerprint, suggest lovers to make extraordinary accessories according to the usual scanned copy from a fingerprint (probably, that «anonymous»): use ink and paper, and then send result on e-mail.

Essential plus of engagement rings with a fingerprint is strong material of which they are made — the pattern won’t be erased, won’t grow dim and won’t lose the outlines. Also keep in mind that on each ring the lifelong guarantee is given!

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