Gold Diamonds Necklace — sapphires, emeralds and pearls

Diamond necklace – dream of many women who appreciate prestige and a luster. Today jewelers create the real works of art where combine not only diamonds, but also other jewels.

Options of a gold necklace with diamonds

So, the choice of a combination of stones can proceed not only from personal taste, but also and taking into account color of a dress, nature of action and all image.

    • Gold Necklace with diamonds. This classical duet was carried by queens, the first ladies of the country and other outstanding women who were remembered by history. If the necklace is selected under some dresses and if it it is planned to put on under different color combinations, then it is better to stop a choice on this option because diamonds are combined with all flowers. The most popular models of a necklace are executed in flower and abstract subject. The necklace with geometrical figures looks strictly and is suitable for festive official events.


    • Diamond Necklace with sapphires. A necklace Shopard with blue sapphires excites the massive appearance, however, it is not the only representative of this sort of products. It is better to combine blue sapphires with blue or white things. On a black background blue color will be swept not so up, how green or white.


    • Diamond Necklace with emeralds. In emeralds there is something magical – their fine green color is especially beautiful in combination with black, white and yellow dresses. The emerald and diamond necklace looks much better when is present at a product or one big stone, or some small. Prevalence of green stones simplifies appearance of a necklace.


    • Diamonds Necklace with pearls. This most aristocratical combination in a necklace, however considering that «life» of pearls is very small, and as a rule, doesn’t exceed one hundred years, the question of need of such necklace remains open. Nevertheless, this short-lived beauty of a necklace from pearls with diamonds is capable to express tenderness and beauty of female nature and therefore such duet is worth it that it was chosen.

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