Gold Earrings Stud — women’s style

Gold earrings stud are fine ornament for any woman. As a rule, such earrings become the first in a collection of jewelry of any woman. However, despite simplicity of design, they look elegantly and approach under any clothes style.

Earrings from gold in the form of tacks long since won the glory in the market of jewelry. They are ideally suited for any clothes style, beginning from clothes of beach style and finishing with evening dresses.

Gold earrings stud with pearls can be the different sizes, and they are suitable both for young women of fashion, and for women of solid age. But for women is more senior larger models approach. It is important to notice that the pearls can be both white, and black.

Choice gold earrings studs

At a gold earrings stud choice with pearls it is necessary to be able to distinguish natural pearls from the pearls which are grown up in artificial conditions. The sea pearls have a high price and differ in bigger weight. If to rub natural pearls the friend about the friend, the poskripyvaniye will be audible and sand loss is possible, but scratches doesn’t remain. Thus it is possible to distinguish a natural product from fakes easily.

Besides, gold earrings stud can have an insert not from pearls, and from any other stone – a ruby, diamond, sapphire, an emerald, etc. But more often used in these earrings phianites that reduce the cost of earrings, without affecting their appearance. It is important because often such models of ear rings are got for children, and children’s earrings stud from gold enjoy wide popularity.

Producers of ear rings of tacks offer different types of fasteners, for example, silicone fasteners, earrings with screw or with a classical fastener, with a fastener-pussetoy. Earrings with a fastener-pussetoy are the most practical in the course of carrying as the mechanism allows to regulate extent of pressing to a lobe.

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