Gold Suspension Brackets in the form of heart

For any woman to receive as a gift a suspension bracket heart – means to learn about ardent romantic feelings of the one who presented it. The man having strong real feelings to the darling, choosing for her the gift, first of all pays attention to hearts, after all it is a love symbol.

Gold suspension brackets hearts are remarkably combined and with an evening dress, and with a bright dress for a party. A variety of models allows to make a choice of that suspension bracket which will please darling. It is worth stopping on main types of popular hearts in more detail.

Fashionable gold suspension brackets in the form of heart

Graceful suspension brackets in the form of heart with pleasure carry not only young girls. For little women of fashion sometimes acquaintance to the world of jewelry begins with such jewel. To impart love to the fine – means to tell and show to the young person how to wear jewelry. Women of more mature age like to accept as a gift a suspension bracket with a love symbol in the form of heart.

Gold the suspension bracket a heart opens

The opening medallions in the form of a heart. Pendents with a secret which open, call medallions. Such jewelry carried and gave to the beloved during a romanticism era, 200-300 years ago. In a suspension bracket put a ringlet of darling, his portrait, a memorable petal of a flower or a note with an ardent declaration of love. Our contemporaries don’t lag behind the predecessors, give medallions with value, a hint on the romantic relations and love therefore the opening pendents didn’t lose relevance. Vintage a monogram, an engraving of significant words do a medallion from Tiffany even more attractively where under the lock the secret intended only for two is kept.

The people carrying such pendents consider that the heart carries out functions of the powerful mascot preserving against troubles. Over time, when romantic feelings pass into a stage of the family relations, some store a photo of the children in the opening pendent.

Suspension bracket in the form of heart halves for two

Nobody will be left indifferent by the gold pendent executed as two halves of heart connected among themselves. Very symbolical ornament for lovers which both carry everyone the part of a pendent. When during some period they not together, this symbol reminds of feelings of the soulmate and to help to endure separation. Two halves of one heart surely have to meet and connect.

Jewelers thought up very interesting design where the half intended for the girl is made of gold and has the image of the lock. The guys more preferring silver will take for themselves the second part in the form of a key. If the young man wants long tender relationship, he has to find the approach to the girl, the key. Often on demountable halves of a pendent for two represent the cupids, according to a legend breaking hearts, or swans as a fidelity symbol.

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