Ring with pink diamond

Pink diamonds became for a long time. one of the most demanded among all jewels. Pink diamonds are also one of the most rare all jewels, and one of the most expensive of all jewels. The rarity of pink diamonds does them extremely expensive. Pink diamonds meet considerably less than white diamonds, and only very small amount of pink diamonds, is got every year. Natural pink diamonds are thus much more expensive, than white diamonds.

Pink diamonds are such rare treasures that they are an extravagant choice for wedding rings of some of the most known celebrities in the world. It was when the popular singer Jennifer Lopez appeared with a ring, enormous in the 6th carat, with pink diamond — a wedding ring. After that the modern world of a celebrity paid attention to this tremendous stone. As soon as celebrities were learned about a rarity of these stones, they quickly became one of the most popular accessories on demand. Velikobritansky celebrities of a royalty of Posh and Becks, Salma Hayek (perhaps, one of the hottest women to planets), the Grammy awards the singer Mariah Carey and the international awards the actress Nichole Kidman, all were noticed in jewelry with pink diamonds.

The ring with rare pink diamond set up a record at auction

The ring with pink diamond set a price record at the Sothebys auction in Geneva on Tuesday, reports Associated Press agency. The jewel in 24,78 carats was sold for 46,16 million dollars that almost twice beat the previous record.

The famous London jeweler Lawrence Graff who called a stone in the honor «Pink Graff» appeared the buyer of a rare stone. «It is the most tremendous diamond from all that I saw for the career, and I am happy that got it», — the buyer declared.

Earlier Wittelsbach-Graff stone in 35,56 carats which was bought by the same Graff in 2008 for 24,3 million dollars was considered as the most expensive diamond.

In total at auction it was sold jewels for the sum about 105,1 million dollars. It is also world record for one auction, reminds agency. «It seems to me, it is explains a condition of the market» a little, — the head of department of jewelry of Sothebys David Bennet declared to journalists.

Photo a ring with pink diamond

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