Rose gold in jewelry

Recently rose gold starts enjoying bigger popularity. Why it such color? The reason in the contents of impurity of other metals in it, more copper which gives a characteristic shade from light rose to the red. Therefore gold received such name.

This precious alloy is known from the Middle Ages, but to it then paid attention a little and considered rejected. In its jewelry began to use rather recently, it appeared that products from such metal unusual and attractive. They are available to much because of low price, in comparison with yellow and white gold.

Rose gold 585

Now, when clearly that such rose gold the 18th carat, it is worth paying attention to an alloy of the same shade, only the 585th test. rose gold of the mentioned test differs in the content of precious metal of 58,5%, other share is the share of copper and silver. The more as a part of silver, the more gently at an alloy a rose shade. For obtaining more saturated rose and red colors, add a large amount of copper.

Gold of rose color became fashionable metal in 2006, from now on periodically there are jeweler collections from the leading brands with stylish jewelry from a rose alloy. Didn’t pay it such attention earlier, considering low-grade and not suitable for distinguished jewelry. Opinions and tastes gradually changed, unusual gold began to be appreciated durability and attractive appearance too. Knowing that such rose gold 585 of test, it is possible to get products from it, to be aware of all features and to avoid deception from sellers.

Jewelry of rose gold and care of them

Jewelry from a gold alloy with a rose shade not for nothing enjoys such popularity, after all more original, extravagant rings, ear rings, pendents, bracelets difficult to find. rose metal doesn’t add years, the young girl and the woman of solid age can carry it. In clothes it is simple to fans of romantic style not to do without gold decoration of rose color.

Jewels in such frame get deep, saturated, clear color. The diamonds inserted into products from rose gold become even brighter, purer and bewitch the gloss. Wedding rings from such metal – fashionable ornament which is loved not only in our country, but also in Europe. rose gold as if a magnet, attracts gentle and womanly natures and becomes for them favourite metal.

That such jewelry pleased long time, it is necessary to handle carefully them and to pay much attention to leaving:
1) It is necessary to preserve rose metal against contact with acids, they are capable to spoil gold for only a few seconds;
2) By no means it is impossible to boil products from such alloy, it is only possible to wash with warm, soap water and to clean soft brushes;
3) It is better not to throw rings from rose gold on a firm surface and to preserve against scratches.

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