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About hundred years ago often chose jewels for engagement rings, and now even more often stop on diamonds. I love sapphires therefore I am very glad that they come back to engagement rings! They exist in the whole range of flowers, and all of them brilliant and magnificent. And my favourite source of jewels, Brilliant Earth, offers the most beautiful of them whom I am obliged to share with you! Here 7 beautiful engagement rings with sapphires, each of which can be in yellow, white gold or platinum.

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1. Gentle antique sapphire engagement ring of Brilliant Earth

Price: $2,425
This beautiful engagement ring with sapphire well in 18-karat yellow or white gold or platinum. Thin retrocurl from above and six dazzling stones. You can choose oval or round, yellow, pink, violet or blue sapphire as a brilliant central stone.

2. Cascade sapphire ring of Brilliant Earth

Price: $2,125
It is obvious that idle time and elegant design of this ring had to be inspired by sea waves, thus, in the center violet or blue sapphire though the pink and yellow are also available. It is especially fascinating two side apertures in which impressive sides of sapphire are displayed look.

3. Sapphire ring of Halo Brilliant Earth

Price: $2,500
The only Ceylon blue sapphire in the center of the sparkling aura from diamonds — dazzling work of the Halo collection from Brilliant Earth. A tiny reflection which is visible under halogen — also beautiful detail.

4. A sapphire ring with Brilliant Earth cloves

Price: $2,400
Choose magnificent round sapphire or in the form of a small pillow, blue, pink or yellow. Choose a frame on the taste for the tremendous center with four high teeth and the sparkling diamonds which row occupies the most part of a frame.

5. A sapphire ring with the diamond Brilliant Earth trio

Price: $2,975
This magnificent ring — part of the Brilliant Earth Antique collection. It represents sapphire of a round or oval facet of violet, blue, pink or yellow color in the center of two sectors from three magnificent diamonds. Difficult ensemble with curls and engravings.

It is a lot of beautiful engagement rings with magnificent sapphires sometimes including traditional diamonds. They much more original, than usual, and in them there is more than sense! What of these sapphire engagement rings most of all is pleasant to you? Or you the convinced lover of diamonds?

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