Silver Necklaces with stones, pearls, sapphires

Silver is considered «purer» material, than gold. It looks modestly, and products with it is unpretentious and refined.

Necklace from silver without inserts not so interesting, as a silver necklace with stones because stones bring «game» in ornament when it is lit by sun beams.

Before putting on a silver necklace, it is necessary to remember that to combine some different metals (for example, gold and silver) – a bad form.

Necklace from silver with stones

As a rule, in a necklace from silver it is possible to notice abstract patterns which are formed by stones and a carving. Flower subject – petals and flowers, a necklace in the form of branches too are favourite among jewelers. However most original jewelry with geometrical patterns looks.

    • Silver necklace with pomegranate. The garnet necklace is ideally suited for those who loves saturated colors. The combination of cold metal to warm red color creates a contradiction, as does a similar necklace interesting. The necklace with pomegranate can be thin or massive. The most widespread subject – pomegranate droplets in an abstract pattern or red petals in flowers.


    • Necklace from silver with pearls. Most often the pearls are combined with gold but if it is about black pearls, then it is possible to tell with confidence that the necklace from pearls in silver is a harmonious duet. Bluish metal outflow of the muffled pearls in combination with silver gives to ornament an aura of mysteriousness and mysticism.


    • Silver necklace with topaz. The bright and cheerful shade of topaz is perfectly combined with a silver necklace, especially, if this massive product. Blue translucent topazes suit fair-haired girls, shading their blue or green color of eyes.


    • Silver necklace with sapphires. Bright and saturated sapphire recovers a massive silver necklace. As a rule, sapphires suit dark-haired girls more because create contrast with metal a necklace and clothes.

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