Suspension bracket in the form of a heart with an arrow

What the gold suspension bracket in the form of a heart with an arrow means? No other precious product possesses such powerful symbolical implication as the image of heart with an arrow. The jeweler houses well-known for the whole world, such as Pandora, Swarovski, Moschino, Vivienne Westwood create the whole collections devoted to a subject of love and passionate feelings. Favourites of sales – images of heart, were and remain the most effective recognition.

Suspension bracket — heart with arrow

The suspension bracket in the form of a heart with an arrow, on another is called the Arrow of the Cupid piercing heart, speaks about much: «the love visited each corner of my soul, I give you my heart which is wounded by feelings to you». An official reason for such gift it becomes easy day of a declaration of love, and here will long carry a pendent the girl, every time remembering the fine moments and enduring feelings again and again.

Medallion in the form of the broken heart of «Love Lost».

It is sincerely a pity for people who carry pendents of «Love Lost», after all it is a sign of the undivided or left love, feelings were false and quickly cooled down. The suspension bracket resembles superficially heart on which there were cracks from pain and it didn’t sustain. It is necessary to tell that such ornament can’t be given, often the girl herself buys it to herself as a consolation prize, and removes when meets new love.

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