The best Elite jewelry and brands

Once French were standards of elite jewelry, but today brands of elite jewelry are widespread worldwide. And still, superiority still remains for Europeans – their esthetic taste allows to combine perfectly the present, classics and originality in each collection.$CUT$ The brightest representatives it is possible to call the French and Italian brands.

Italian jewelry

Brands of jewelry from Italy focus attention not so much on idea, how many on a form today. In new collections to a look classical products with acceptances, typical for jewelry, – abstract florid patterns and flower motives appear.


This jeweler brand opened in 1958, and since then creates massive jewelry which draw attention. The brand likes to create sets of rings, necklaces, beads and bracelets. The special attention is paid to color – so, many products are executed in white, blue, claret, yellow and other options that, undoubtedly, adds brightness and distinguishes them from other jewelry.


This brand issues as regular jewelry with perfect masterful registration, and thematic. For example, Carmen’s collection is executed in saturated violet shades, all elite jewelry with diamonds and contain some alloys – white and yellow gold.

The Peacock impresses a bracelet with similarity with a real prototype – having put on this bracelet, the magnificent tail from a set of stones will shroud a wrist and will show originality of his owner.

Luxury French jewelry

One of the best modern jewelry of France are provided by the Ballet Precieux collection.

Van Clef & Arpels

29 products which are executed in one ballet subject are represented in the Ballet Precieux collection of this brand. Graceful ballerinas from jewels are depicted in graceful movements. The collection is devoted to the performances «Swan Lake», «Nutcracker», «Bayadere», «Spring Sacred» and «Goldfish». This jewelry is created for these judges of art who honor classical art and jewelry. All collection is divided into some sections in which jewelry is devoted to one of performances. Each section has one general detail — a brooch in the form of the ballerina.

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