Tungsten wedding rings — carbide jewelry

Traditionally in day of wedding newly married put on the elegant wedding rings symbolizing their devotion and love each other fingers. The traditional gold used for production of such rings surely is restricted today by other metals — the titan, platinum, silver, etc. In this regard, modern fashionable wedding rings — it also products of their tungsten. This jewelry began to be more than in a great demand for newlyweds recently in view of their surprising qualities which will be considered below, and also original and stylish appearance. For example, from ten couples of wedding rings acquired today in the American jewelry stores, according to polls of their owners, one couple rings steadily is made of tungsten.

Stylish wedding rings from tungsten not for nothing received the name «eternal» as they never grow dull, aren’t deformed, don’t change the appearance. Many people have a belief that appearance of wedding rings is directly connected with an intensity of emotions of spouses. The grown dull, bent once magnificent wedding rings show instability in the relations. At the same time beautiful wedding rings from tungsten carbide will definitely not become similar adverse symbols.

Tungsten carbide jewelry

Shops of America and Europe began to offer rather recently to buyers effective wedding rings of their tungsten, however image of symbols of the indestructible marriage unions was quickly assigned to similar jewelry.

  • It is interesting that at first carbide of tungsten interested not jewelers, but military because of outstanding features of this alloy at all. It is considered that on hardness an alloy concedes unless to diamond. Therefore, strength qualities which are possessed by tungsten elegant wedding rings, always at height.
  • Tungsten carbide — extremely firm alloy, however and more fragile (in comparison with other metals). Stylish wedding rings from it don’t bend and don’t break from mechanical influences. However, from strong blow to a ring a hammer or compression of a product in a vice, it can break up. In daily life it will be possible to break such ornament hardly.
  • Magnificent wedding rings from tungsten have polishing which will never grow dull. Dark stains on a surface of tungsten jewelry won’t appear never.
  • This alloy is considered chemically not active. Therefore, stylish wedding rings from it don’t rust, aren’t oxidized, don’t react to hostile environment. Their carrying doesn’t leave traces on a finger that quite often occurs if to carry products from silver.
  • One more advantage which tungsten effective wedding rings, absence at their owners of allergic reactions have. If at someone from newlyweds the allergy to alloys of metals, this jewelry — sure, safe bet is noted.

In leaving beautiful wedding rings from tungsten aren’t exacting. It is quite enough to erase periodically from their surfaces of pollution, fat a fabric slice.

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