Types of wedding rings

Wedding rings long since are considered as a symbol of love and fidelity. Also they are one of the most important jewelry which is presented by the man to the woman. But any wedding ring can … be lost! «Lost a wedding ring what to do?» – women often ask.

Earlier it was considered as quite bad sign – nearly to death or a serious illness. But today on a question: «Lost a wedding ring what to do?» it is possible to answer simply: to buy the new. If you lost a ring, so time came to update your relations and to give itself a gift which will become a symbol of the beginning of a new, best stage of family life!

But what wedding ring to choose? To everyone wedding rings «under classics» are known, but also other wedding rings become fashionable. What types of wedding rings exist?

The most popular type of wedding rings traditionally is considered a gold rim, or the rim decorated with one jewel. Also vintage wedding rings which already once replaced the owner are popular. One of advantages of such rings can consider high quality and the small price in comparison with new jewelry.

The age of a vintage ring is considered of 50 years. There are Victorian rings (1835-1900) which are made of yellow or pink gold. They are distinguished by simple, elegant design. Edvardiansky rings (1900-1920) are made of platinum with use of sapphires and diamonds. In wedding rings in style of an art deco (1920 — 1930) ethnic motives of Asia and Egypt are used, they are decorated by multi-colored jewels, made mainly of platinum.

Very widespread type of rings is today the wedding set which enters wedding and wedding rings. Which are executed in one style and supplement each other. It is considered that these rings should be carried together.

One more symbolical ornament can be considered a ring with three jewels in a horizontal row. They are symbols of the past, present and future of matrimonial love.

Future spouses have an opportunity to order to the jeweler original wedding rings which would correspond to their personal tastes and preferences. Naturally, the cost of such rings will be slightly higher, after all they have to be made on individual design.

Thus, loss of a wedding ring is not the tragedy at all, and more likely on the contrary – opportunity again to endure this pleasant moment – a choice of a wedding ring!

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