Wooden wedding rings — jewelry with a nature particle

The range of wedding rings extends constantly. It pleases! At last people will learn to choose for the union something more unique, than classical yellow rings. And the speech in article will be not about jewelry and rare metals. A tree — biological material, warm, with a close smell and velvety texture.$CUT$

Wooden wedding rings bear in themselves a net energy of a cosiness, force and wisdom, a home.

Notice such, material, in case of all its simplicity, looks nobly, thanks to special handling during production.

How do wooden wedding rings?

Such jewelry is rather difficult in production as it can seem at first sight.

Wood passes stabilization process when in it under a high pressure force pitches. It does it steady against scratches or cracks, and you will be able quietly to lower a ring in water, without being afraid of it to spoil.

It is also possible to change color by means of dye, or to make its native shade more saturated.

Breed of a tree is various and depends on preferences: black rosewood, olive, box, hornbeam and many others. Finishing handling and a specialcovering it is necessary for high-quality protection for many years — same wedding rings.

Variety of models of wooden wedding rings.

Wedding rings can be completely from a tree. In case of such option inserts of decorative elements aren’t excluded from metal or stones.

The tree can be an insert also. Thus, the basis of a ring is constituted by any metal, and on outer side the overlay of wood breed is located. At will, too it is possible to add stones to such model.

If you don’t like a tree as material and you don’t trust its practicality, there is a wide choice of rings with imitation of a wooden covering. This jewelry makes and of one type of metal and of mixes of several color.

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