Yellow Gold Wedding Rings – merits and demerits

Wedding rings are, perhaps, the most favourite ornament both for men, and for women. Often not too big ring becomes the real symbol of accessory each other, a reminder on that day when the man and the woman stopped being simply loving couple, and became a family. And in order that ornament as is possible pleased with the appearance more long, it is very important to choose correctly material of which wedding rings are made. Yellow gold in this plan is considered the most traditional metal.

Wedding ring from yellow gold as the symbol of family life, is recognized as the most acceptable option in all world cultures.

Merits and demerits of yellow gold

The most important advantage of this precious metal is color – truly «gold» as we understand it. Has no other appearance of gold so obvious yellowish («solar») shade. Not without reason in the West wedding rings which lemon gold casts thoughts of this bright star, are in the highest demand. There is even the standard opinion what exactly the yellow precious metal is the best symbol of matrimonial love and a warm attitude to each other.

Thanks to color it can’t simply be mixed with one another. And if at a view of a ring from white metal it is possible to think still: gold it or silver, a yellow shade of a ring tells for itself.

One more advantage of yellow gold was noticed by psychologists. And again it is about the color of a ring reminding of the sun and hot summer. Owners of such ornament are less subject to the melancholy and melancholy developing when on the street gloomy weather reigns. This property for wedding rings is especially characteristic – that is jewelry which the majority of us wears, without removing.

Yellow gold is unreceptive to various atmospheric influences. It doesn’t grow dull from moisture or bright beams of the sun, doesn’t spoil on a frost or in hot weather. And still the jewelry having a yellow (lemon) shade perfectly approaches all dresses and styles, pertinently looking in any situation.

But, despite all these advantages, it is possible to call yellow gold practical material only with a big stretch. In most cases the wedding ring from yellow gold has the 750th test, that is 75% of pure metal are its part. It is known that it is very soft material, it is possible to bend or break products from it without big work. And pure gold can be cut by means of a usual kitchen knife.

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